Nagaenthran Dharmalingam was convicted and sentenced to the death penalty in November 2010 for importing 42.72 grams of diamorphine (heroin) into Singapore in 2009. His conviction and death sentence have so far been upheld on appeal.

Medical experts have found that his cognitive deficits may have contributed towards his diminished responsibility.

Nagaenthran’s family have expressed deep concerns about his mental state and incomplete understanding of his imminent execution.

Nagaenthran’s legal team have made an application to Singapore’s High Court seeking a stay on the ground that executing him would be unconstitutional in light of his intellectual disability. This application was dismissed, but his lawyers were able to appeal the decision to the Court of Appeal.

The hearing was postponed after Nagaenthran tested positive for COVID-19 on 9 November, was rescheduled for 30 November, and has now been postponed again. The next date has yet to be confirmed.

If appeals are unsuccessful, a stay will be lifted and the execution will proceed, possibly in a matter of days.

To hear from Nagaenthran’s mother about why urgent action is needed, click here.

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