Despite years of international criticism, Singapore’s Court of Appeal has dismissed a last-minute bid by Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam’s lawyers, who argued that he should not be hanged because his IQ of 69 meant he had trouble making informed decisions.

Nagaenthran’s case has attracted significant international attention, including from the Malaysian government, United Nations experts, the European Union and Amnesty International.

The UN experts expressed concern over Nagaenthran’s questioning after his arrest, noting he did not have access to “procedural accommodations for his disability during his interrogation”. They also highlighted that the death penalty should not be carried out on those with serious psychosocial and intellectual disabilities.

Nagaenthran’s previous appeals, an attempt to change the death sentence to life imprisonment and a call for clemency have all been denied.

Sign Amnesty International’s petition to save Nagaenthran here.

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