Queensland was the first place in both Australia and the British Commonwealth to abolish the death penalty on 31 July 1922.

At an all-day event tomorrow Monday 1 August, we will be commemorating 100 years since Queensland’s historic abolition of the death penalty at the Premier’s Hall, Parliament House, Brisbane.

This all-day event will run from 11am and will include a keynote address from Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG, as well a series of panel discussions throughout the day.

At the conclusion of the discussions, an updated The Penalty is Death by Barry Jones AC will be launched by journalist and author Kerry O’Brien. This collection of writings in opposition of the death penalty includes works by Dickens, Camus, and Orwell, as well as modern contributions by Michael Kirby, Barry Jones and Julian McMahon AC SC.

In a special auction, a portrait of Barry Jones by photographer Bill Henson will also be auctioned, with proceeds going to the Capital Punishment Justice Project (CPJP).

Ticket sales have now closed, but you can find Barry’s book here.

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