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The Association was established in 2016 for the charitable purpose of promoting or protecting human rights for the public benefit to perpetuate the memory of Julian David Wagner, barrister, musician and passionate supporter of humanitarian and social justice.  Our major focus is on education, human rights and promoting or opposing changes to law, policies or practices.

We will advance education, including by:

  1. promoting education for the community as a whole about capital punishment and
  2. providing opportunities for Australians to volunteer in overseas capital defense offices.

We will advance human rights, including by:

  • providing effective representation and humanitarian aid to individuals facing the death penalty and
  • promoting human rights generally.

We will promote or oppose changes to law, policy or practices, including by:

(a) providing public policy advocacy opposing capital punishment;

(b) raising awareness of capital punishment; and

(c) supporting ongoing and strategic anti-death penalty campaigns.


The Julian Wagner Memorial Fund is committed to worldwide abolition of the death penalty through public education, providing opportunities for Australians to gain experience in defending individuals facing the death penalty and supporting ongoing and strategic anti-death penalty campaigns.  The worldwide trend shows a clear downturn in support for the death penalty with statistics showing 140 countries worldwide, more than two-thirds, are abolitionists in law or practice.  We are committed to promoting Australia as a strong opponent of the death penalty in the Asia Pacific area and worldwide while working for the abolition of the capital punishment. 


Our mission is to raise awareness in Australia of capital punishment through community engagement and providing public advocacy in opposition to the death penalty. 

Our aim is to provide funds as financial assistance through bursaries to Australians seeking to gain experience by volunteering in overseas capital defense offices.    

Julian Wagner Memorial Fund Inc rules can be found here.

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